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Why Choose Pacific?

Eliminate Risks

We eliminate the risks and bring the precision and affordability of premier metal products to our Canadian customers in an effective and timely manner.

Precision & Affordability

Our customers utilize domestic lead times while gaining the cost benefit of not storing product locally. While precision, affordability and minimizing the risk is critical, what Pacific customers appreciate most is their level of confidence and comfort in our process, quality, and on demand resources.


Our goals are to provide our customers with superior workmanship and quality service. Our experienced staff are the backbone of our company which helps us provide our customers with quality, innovative products, and exceptional hands on service.

We Deliver Directly To You

We are committed to reducing the costs for all of our customers by providing just-in-time delivery directly to your doorstep for all orders within Alberta.

Industry Leading Quality

Maintaining the highest level of quality on all of our products is our priority. All of our employees are experts in what they do and receive the necessary training to ensure that the quality of product that we put out exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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