Slitting is the process of cutting a wide coil of metal into a number of smaller coils, rather than making cuts at the end of a workpiece. This process requires the roll of material to pass lengthwise through the slitter's circular base.


Cut-to_Length is simply the process of unwinding metal coils and then passing them through a shear to be cut at a specified length into flat sheets of metal. The result of this process is multiple sheets produced with the same width and specifications.


Slearing provides the ability to both slit and cut-to-length metal coils. Similar to slitting and cut-to-length processes, this process involves unwinding metal coils and passing the material through either knives or a shear to produce the desired outcome. Through slearing we can produce multiple sheets of metal with the same width and material specifications as the original master coil but in sheet form or multiple narrower strips of metal that become new coils in smaller widths, depending on the needs of the customer.


Multi-Blanking combines a Cut-to-Length Line with a Slitting Head into one operation on a single line. This process makes it easy to produce a custom sized part or sheet of material.

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